Rev. Katie M Ladd    Founder, Pastor, Director

Rev. Katie M Ladd

Founder, Pastor, Director

Katie grew up in the South and holds an AB Degree from Randolph-Macon Woman's College and an MDiv from Vanderbilt University. She is currently writing her dissertation on Sabbath Keeping as a response to communal and personal fragmentation. In between college and graduate school, Katie worked in environmental chemistry in Houston, TX. 

In founding The Well, Katie's passion is to create a safe and generous space for small intentional communities to orient around the Judeo-Christian principle of Sabbath, which is a biblical measure for justice, compassion, joy, and community. She helps people develop patterns of spiritual practice that keep people connected to these principles. And, she believes that generous public dialogue is not only possible, but that it is necessary and fundamental for communities. 

In addition to directing The Well, Katie serves as pastor for Queen Anne United Methodist Church.

Katie loves living in Seattle, and she and her spouse share a home with two cats, lots of books, and some pretty interesting art.