The Well began in 2012 as a ministry of Queen Anne United Methodist Church. In 2014, after growing up a little, we were designated a new ministry start within The United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Church is a Protestant church has its roots in England in the 1700s when an Anglican priest became dissatisfied with the Church of England. He gathered people into small groups for spiritual formation, and he challenged them to visit the sick, the imprisoned, to act for social change, and to live simply. He gave them 3 rules to live by: do no harm, do good, and attend to the ordinances of God. "Methodist" was a slur used against this group and their methodical approach to personal spiritual formation and social action. After many splits and mergers, The United Methodist Church as it currently exists came into being in 1968.

The United Methodist Church has 12 million members across the globe. Additionally, unlike many churches, The United Methodist Church does not have a catechism or a systemic set of beliefs to which a person must intellectually assent before becoming part of the church. The church does adhere to general Christian tenets. Because of its size and diverse theological structure, United Methodists vary quite a lot theologically, politically, and socially.

The Well belongs to the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church, which is a geographic area covering Washington State and the panhandle of Idaho.

We follow the Methodist practice of gathering together to explore the health of our souls, to learn about the world and our faith traditions, and to be challenged to act for social change, particularly in ways that help those living in poverty or under oppression, and we follow the Methodist way of ordering our life around a rule that holds us accountable to each other. 

As much as we are Methodist in nature, however, we are ecumenical in practice. You do not need to become a Methodist to walk with us - to be part of us. If you have a membership in another church, you can keep it. Additionally, if you live within another faith tradition or identify as atheist or agnostic, we welcome you as friends. If you seek a more just and compassionate society, you will find in us generous friends.