“The Well’s core community follows a rule of life that is patterned in the rhythm of Sabbath, which is a biblical measure of justice, compassion, community, and joy. Our public engagements are an embodiment of these principles.” —Rev. Katie M. Ladd, Pastor

At its heart, The Well is all about community. We have two kinds of communities - non-residential (diaspora) and residential. Both types keep our rule of life, commit to and embody our core principles and values, worship together, and pledge to work for a more just and compassionate society. We believe that our principles and values are embedded in the idea of biblical Sabbath, which is both a rhythm for the community and a measure of justice. We have embraced the Benedictine rhythm of prayer and work, to which we have added the celebration of joy in everyday life. 

non-residential community (Diaspora community)

This community consists of everyday people (clergy and laity, Methodists and people from all walks of faith) who yearn for a life of radical discipleship and deeply committed community. We maintain a rule of life, embrace and commit to our principles and values, support our public engagements as a public witness of our values and principles, embody our principles and values individually and communally, and pledge to build a more just and compassionate society.

This community consists of people who live in their own homes, go to work, take care of their families, and live single lives. While we do not co-mingle our finances, we do pledge to financially support The Well in order to strengthen community and enhance our public engagements

residential community

We currently have two residential communities in Queen Anne. One is a three bedroom apartment and the other is a 4 bedroom house. We have multiple openings in our houses. 

These communities consist of people who share a home together, keep our rule of life, commit to our principles and values, support our public engagements as a public witness, share a meal and community time weekly, pledge to build a more just and compassionate society, and embrace one principle/value as an expression of their core identity. This community maintains a partial common purse, which means that while finances are not fully co-mingled, individuals do commit to financially to support the community and public engagements. 

Interested and called?

If you feel interested and called to discern whether this way of life is for you, please contact Pastor Katie at katie (at) thewellqueenanne (dot) org. You will be introduced to the principles and values of the community, practice the rule of life, receive email check-ins, and enter into a time of supported discernment to see whether this or another path is right for you.