Related and Partner Communities

Queen Anne united methodist church

Queen Anne UMC was our first sponsor organization. The Well began with a financial gift from the church and with the freedom needed to begin the work of creating a safe and generous space for public dialogue and public theology. Queen Anne is the heart that beats beneath The Well. We are grateful, even as we have grown and organizationally separated from the traditional congregation, for our ongoing partnership and for their continued support and partnership.

Seattle First United Methodist Christ

First Church Seattle, as Seattle First UMC is commonly known, is one our two anchor/sponsor congregations. Seattle's longest existing congregation of any denomination, First Church Seattle has been engaged in providing for health of the city and justice for Seattle's citizens. Public theology is a main emphasis at Seattle First Church, and they sponsor us so that we can with them and on their behalf continue the work of public theology and public engagement. 

Coastland Commons

Coastland Commons is an open community that has committed to living with scripture texts through a creative lens in collaboration with the local church. CC seeks to create and promote music and the arts in local communities for the purpose of reconciliation, build bridges between artists and churches, and cultivate the renewal of the Christian imagination.