Why “The Well"?

St. Patrick's Well

Wells are deep places. They are watering holes. They are places where Jesus met and shared conversation with people.  

We hope to extend living water in a parched and thirsty world. We offer a place where people can explore the world, ideas, and faith. We hope that The Well becomes a place where the community gathers to share ideas, life, and laughter.

We believe that followers of Jesus are made stronger by asking hard questions of faith, by learning about our traditions, in exploring our scriptures, and in interpreting our experiences.

We believe that generous and kind discourse is necessary in order to achieve substantive dialogue in our public commons.

We believe that a kind and generous disposition helps root a community and opens opportunities for deep listening.

We believe that the gospel is not neutral. It is rooted in the challenges of the Jewish prophets, and it is held together by the Greatest Commandment.