The Well is a work in progress. Check back as we add new and different prayer and worship experiences.

Summer schedules make gathering together more complex. Please check here and and our Facebook page for updated info about prayer and worship gatherings throughout the summer. 

Midday prayer, Tuesday, 11:30 am approx. 30 minutes in the pastor's study

Where two or more gather together... The time begins with setting intentions. Following this, a prayer service is offered with an extended time of quiet reflection near the end. Because of fluctuating schedules, it is best to email your intention to attend. 


Approx. 40 minutes in the sanctuary

A contemplative Christian service rooted in prayer and music is offered in the tradition of Taize. You are invited to come as you are, to enter in an attitude of quiet, and to listen, pray, and sing as you feel called.



Labyrinths are meditation paths. This prayer tool, unlike the Taize or midday prayer services, is not only a part of the Christian tradition. Labyrinths are found in many cultural and religious traditions. 

There is no one way to walk a labyrinth, although there is only one path in the labyrinth. Two common methods for walking a labyrinth include:

1. Ask - Calm your mind, pay attention to your breath, and let your heart's question emerge. As you walk the path that leads to the center of the labyrinth, dwell in the question.

2. Meditate - Upon entering the center of the labyrinth, rest. What, if any, change has come to you as you have dwelt in your question? When you are ready, begin the path back out of the labyrinth.

3. Release - Breathe and release the question. Your life will slowly open you to the answer.

Another way of understanding the three stages of walking a labyrinth is to see them as:

1. Purgation (Release) - Let go. Calm your mind. 

2. Illumination (Receive) - In the center, let whatever washes over you, wash over you. Let it come. Meditate and rest.

3. Union (Return) - As you walk back through the labyrinth, this is the time to reunite with the holy, with nature, with healing, with whatever is your source of love and wholeness.

Special Services

Special Worship services are planned throughout the year. We feature local and national worship leaders to help lead us in prayer, song, and liturgy. These often tie our contemplative action to liturgy.