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POSTPONED UNTIL 2019!!! Resistance and Love: Humanizing but not Normalizing Part I Resistance and Love

  • The Well/Queen Anne United Methodist Church 1606 5th Ave W Seattle, WA 98119 USA (map)

2 Modules.
Part I: Resistance and Love (Thursday night) - POSTPONED UNTIL 2019
Part II: Not Losing Hope (Friday morning) - POSTPONTED UNTIL 2019                                    Full Event Both Tickets - POSTPONED UNTIL 2019

Dr. Charles L. Howard will use lecture and conversation in exploring resistance to injustice without losing relationships, one's own integrity, relinquishing the struggle, or giving in to despair.

In today's increasingly polarized world people are retreating into their own circles. Relationships are being lost at alarming rates. Sometimes people feel they have to sacrifice principles or integrity in order to maintain relationships. It's easy to give in to despair. If one has the luxury, it can be tempting to give up the struggle. 

Over two sessions, Dr. Howard will help us explore how to seek the destruction of policies, practices, and a culture that encourages harm without seeking to destroy people. He will help value the power of hope and encourage us to hold on to it. He will walk us through the power of maintaining integrity even in the midst of division and conflict. 

Despite the awful face that Christianity often presents in the public commons, Dr. Howard believes that we are trending in the correct direction. There is reason to hope.

The Rev. Charles L. Howard, PhD is the University Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater.  Prior to his return to Penn, he served in both hospital and hospice chaplaincies, and as a street outreach worker to individuals experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. His writing has been featured in such publications as Black Theology: An International Journal, Daily Good, Sojourners Magazine, Christianity Todays Leadership Journal, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Huffington Post, The Christian Century, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Forward, and Slate.  He is the editor of The Souls of Poor Folk, a text which explores new ways of considering homelessness and poverty, and the author of The Awe and The Awful, a poetry collection and Lenten Devotional, Black Theology as Mass Movement, a call to theologians to expand the reach of their theological work, and Pond River Ocean Rain,  a collection of brief essays about going deeper with God. He shares life with his beloved wife, Dr. Lia C. Howard and their three daughters.

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